Why Jon Boats Are Better for Exploring Smaller Channels in New Smyrna Beach

Jon boats are small, light boats that generally have a flat hull. This unique design makes Jon boats extremely versatile. They can be easily navigated through narrow and shallow waterways, through which larger boats and boats with more of a V-shaped hull may not fit. This makes them an excellent vessel for exploring the smaller channels in New Smyrna Beach, but that’s not all they are good for!

Jon boats are known for being great utility boats. You can often find them around marinas being used in hard to reach places to fix docks, move equipment, install emergency ladders, etc.; but they are also great for fishing and can be outfitted with rod holders and swivel chairs if you so desire.

Because of their hull and shape, Jon boats can float without trouble over shallow oyster beds and some pretty gnarly vegetation. And let’s face it folks, our New Smyrna Beach fish love to hang out in those hard to reach spots that are full of thick vegetation and around submerged logs, etc.

Jon boats make so many types of fishing easy. First, let’s talk stealth mode. Wouldn’t it be nice to quietly sneak up on the catch of a lifetime? Well, guess what. You can troll very easily in a Jon boat by paddling or with a trolling motor. This can be pretty difficult on other types of boats. Like one certain fishing hole? You can also easily fish in one spot. The anchor can hold Jon boats very securely because they are so light. And being so light also makes drift fishing a breeze. The flat hull makes them very stable too, so you can easily stand and fish, enabling you to cover more ground.

Jon boats don’t just fit in tight spots on the water, they are inexpensive, so they can fit almost any budget too! So go get yourself a Jon boat and become “Jonny” on the spot when it comes to fishing those hard to reach places where lots of fish love to chill!