New Boat Trends for 2019

It’s always interesting to see what is trending now, but even more exciting to check out the newest boat trends for the year! The new boat trends for 2019 include new tracking methods, improved networking, better ways for boat owners to save money and more.

What would you think about round the clock GPS tracking? Well, 2019 is slated to be the year when boaters will have access to GPS systems that provide communication and location coordinates between individual watercrafts and their marinas. Benefits here include theft prevention, monitoring ensuring that your vessel is not set adrift and pinpointing your location on the open water in case of emergency.

Social media is also improving and becoming a more important resource for boat owners and prospective buyers, with more information on products and services.

Tax changes also benefit boat owners this year. Boat owners can enjoy the same tax benefits for their boat purchases and improvements as a new home owner would.

Heard of driverless cars? Automatic drone boats are already being used for research purposes because they can acquire more detailed information across a much broader range than research buoys; and – good or bad – we may be trending toward driverless pleasure boats.

Additionally, smart technology is not just for land lovers anymore. Today’s dashboards feature digital touch screens with access to all systems on a boat, so that everything can be operated with the touch of a finger.