What Is a Stumpknocker Boat?

Ever hear that famous saying about life that says, “If something can go wrong, it will”? Well, that saying pretty much applies to everything about fishing too. If you don’t replace that line regularly, you WILL get a nice hit by a huge fish, and your line will most definitely break. If you don’t fill up your tank, you may not have enough gas. And, if you have an ordinary boat, some of your favorite fishing spots are almost impossible to reach.

Ahhh, but with a Stumpnocker boat, you won’t have to worry about a thing. For almost 50 years, Stumpnockers have been trusted to help fisherman easily navigate the shallow coastal flats or virtually any hard to reach river fishing holes. Stumpnockers come in models from flat bottom three- to six-inch draft boats to semi-Vs with eight-inch dead rise for “skinny” water fishing.

We can’t promise you will bring the right bait, have enough gas or remember your cooler, but with a Stumpnocker, no matter where you like to fish, you will always be prepared to get there with no trouble.

Gerry’s Marina is the only authorized Stumpnocker boat dealer on Florida’s west coast between Beaufort, South Carolina and Ft. Lauderdale. Gerry’s Marina, voted “Central Florida’s Best Boat Dealer” by Daytona Beach News Journal readers, is a full-service marina that has been meeting the needs of boaters since 1989. Come check out Gerry’s Marina at our convenient New Smyrna Beach location – 179 North Causeway.