10 Simple Fishing Tips

Sometimes it seems like fishing is rocket science. The bugs are biting, but the fish just won’t – no matter what you do! Ah, but it’s simple really…you just have to be smarter than the fish…or at least think like them!

  1. Let’s start with an easy one. Make sure you NEVER get sunscreen on your hook, line or lure. If you apply sunscreen, wash your hands before you bait your hook or fish will smell something fishy and steer clear!
  2. Also keep in mind that it is always better to fish on an overcast day. The less the fish can see that is out of the ordinary, the sneakier you will be! 
  3. I never met a fish that swam backwards, so net your fish head-first or he might just swim away!
  4. Give your fish what he wants. Use bait that the particular species of fish you are fishing for will find yummy. If he craves shiners, he’s not going to want a worm.
  5. Don’t bait them with something if there is already plenty. Think of it this way, if you already had a bunch of shrimp to choose from, would you bite one on a hook? Maybe, but very possibly not!
  6. Set your drag correctly. Don’t lose the battle before you even begin. 
  7. Set your hook correctly. Soft biting fish need to be finessed, while those with big mouths and a hard bite deserve more of a quick jerk.
  8. If you are using plastic baits, keep them up-to-date. You don’t want your eye-catching colors to be faded.
  9. Go where the fish are. Read the reports and use your fish finder. If you’re fishing where there are no fish, you’re not fishing.
  10. Fish can be slippery, so when you do catch one, a garden glove made of material with a grip can help you keep ahold while you unhook him.

Gerry’s Marina in New Smyrna Beach wishes you tight lines while you’re keeping it “reel”!

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