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We are a multigenerational, family owned business with deep roots in the area. We couldn’t be more proud to have met the needs of Florida boaters for nearly 4 decades. We are excited to meet you and serve you for years ahead.

Customer service is the foundation of our business and our top priority. It may be our diverse line up of quality inventory or award winning service that initially brought you through our doors, but we hope it’s our customer care and relationship that keeps you returning.

Gerry's Staff

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Brad Armel

Vice President

Rich Feniello


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Donald Peacock

Parts/on water demonstrations/Sales

Mike Ragusa

Service Technician/ Sales

Bob Komarisky

Master Technician

Tony Micheals

Service Technician

Brody Duncan


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Lisa Disque




Michael Dampier

Rentals / Yard Foreman

We’re not some big corporate organization — we are a tight-knit crew that simply know the ins and outs when it comes to boats, parts, service, and putting customers first. Our track record speaks for itself and we’re excited to keep you on the water. Come see us!


Justin Byers
Justin Byers
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My wife and I purchased our first boat, a Bennington from Gerry's in July. The boat was used and I made the deal without seeing the boat in person and it was accurately described by salesman Rich. I live 3 hours away, so this was very important. Rich was on vacation when I went to pick the boat up, but Donald was informed of the deal, and he is very helpful. Not only did he take the time to educate me on routine maintenance, he was extremely honest about the poor condition of the double bimini, which I did not think to open. He let me know that it was not in good condition, and they were sending me a brand new one from Bennington. Donald also ensured all safety equipment was updated and if not, replaced. Highly recommend Gerry's and a HUGE thanks to Donald for his attention to detail.
Jim Russell
Jim Russell
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We were out fishing Saturday 03/21/2020. Upon returning to the dock, as we were putting the boat on the trailer, we saw Rich from Gerry's was in the slip next to us. He noticed that one of the bunks on our trailer was not right and he gave us a shout to let us know. Here we are at the ramp, busted trailer on a boat that was not purchased at Gerry's Marina, what could have been a long lasting and very aggravating fix was made easy by Rich and his great crew. Rich instructed me to run the trailer over to his shop, which luckily was right across the street from the ramp. Once at Gerry's shop Rich had one of his guy's Loren straighten out the bracket and reattach the bunk board and had us back on track only costing us about a half hour of time on what could have been a several hour ordeal. All I can say is Thanks a ton Rich to you and your staff. If that's the kind of treatment I received, not being a customer of his, I can only imagine the service given to customers who buy boats from him. To say that i was very impressed is an understatement. I will definitely be patronizing Gerry's for future needs.
Ken Michaels
Ken Michaels
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I took my boat out to go fishing with my son and once we got to the ramp and tried to lower the motor and the trim/tilt wouldn't move and it was stuck in the up position. The fishing trip was over before it ever got started and the look on my son's face broke my heart. It was New Year's weekend and the chances of getting someone to fix it for us so we could still go while we were in town didn't look promising. The next morning, I took the boat into Gerry's Marina and told them what happened, and they said they had a full schedule for repairs that day, but they agreed to take a look at it and see what they could do. I left the boat with them and within a few hours, they gave me a call and they had diagnosed the problem and were able to get it working. Don and Brad could not have been nicer, and I was extremely pleased with the excellent customer service. My son and I were able to get in our fishing trip and the New year started out on a good note thanks to their willingness to help us out. I definitely can recommend the team at Gerry's Marina!

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