All the Boons of a Pontoon!

The versatility of pontoon boats is what makes them a great value and so much fun for so many reasons…

Maybe you have a lot of friends or a big family. If so, a pontoon, which offers an enormous amount of deck space for big family outings or socializing with a large group of friends, may be the perfect boat for you! Eight people can easily fit aboard a smaller pontoon boat, while a medium pontoon can carry about a dozen, so it is not a big deal to invite all of your favorite people for an outing on your pontoon boat and still have plenty of room to stow a bunch of stuff!

The huge deck on a pontoon boat is also great for fishing. Imagine fishing or crabbing with ease from just about any angle on this comfortable boating option. That flat keel, which you don’t get with other boat models, can get you into a lot of super sweet fishing holes too!

If you are more of a mind for simply cruising around, taking in the sights and getting some sun, pontoons are an excellent boating option for those things as well; and because they have such a flat bottom, pontoons are easy to pull up just about anywhere. So, go ahead island hop to your heart’s content! 

Then there is the safety advantage you get with a pontoon. Pontoon boats are flat and stable, helping everyone on board maintain sure footing. They are also surrounded by rails, keeping our kids (and everyone else) safely onboard – right where we want them.

Gerry’s Marina, the leading pontoon dealer in Central Florida, is located just south of Daytona Beach on the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach.

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