Always Check the Weather

Boating can be extremely enjoyable when the weather is nice, but when the weather isn’t so nice; boating can become a harrowing and even potentially life-threatening experience. That’s why you always want to watch the weather report before you head out to sea.

Check the weather before every boating trip, no matter how far you plan to go or how long you plan to be out on the water. Florida storms can build quickly, sometimes seemingly instantly, so checking the weather report before your boating trip will definitely keep everyone on your boat safer and it may even save lives.

If weather reports are bleak and radar indicates that a storm is on the way, it is wise to reschedule for another day. If there is a small chance of the weather being a little iffy, maybe you’ll just want to keep things close so that you can reach the shore quickly. Then, keep a keen eye out for darkening clouds and changes in the wind, temperature and wave height.

Florida is often full of sunny, bright blue skies; but – as any Floridian can tell you – our weather can also be volatile, with lighting, thunder, raging seas and fickle winds that can suddenly change direction and accelerate. When cloud cover increases and skies begin to turn black, you may not have much time before wave swells develop that could easily cover the bow of your boat.

Don’t take any chances. It is always better to play it safe and check the weather report before you boat and remain aware of changing conditions while you are on the water. Remember, when those skies turn black, you need to quickly head back. Stay safe out there, my friends!


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