Basic Need to Knows for Fishing First Timers

First off, getting in trouble for not having a fishing license can really put the kibosh on any fishing excursion. You can check out the Gerry’s Marina blog on fishing licenses to find out what you need and how to get it. 

You will also need a fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line that is the right weight for the species you are fishing, fishing hooks that are also suited to the type of fishing you choose and either live bait or artificial lures. You should be able to purchase it all at your local tackle shop. 

To prepare for your fishing trip, feed your line onto your reel according to the instructions and securely tie your hook with a good knot – like a clinch knot, or your fishing tale may be a sad one. Then add your bait. This may go without saying, but if you opt for live bait, don’t kill it. You also want it swimming around in an enticing manner, so don’t hook the tail. Hooking it securely through the lip will produce much more effective results.

If you are bottom fishing, you also need a weight just heavy enough to lightly bounce along the bottom. Open the bail and let line out until you feel your weight hit bottom. 

Casting along the riverbanks can be a bit more challenging, but shouldn’t take long to master. Bass like to hang out under cover – often around fallen trees or in areas shaded by low hanging branches, so try to cast as closely as possible without getting tangled up.

All fish tend to prefer taking that big bite on overcast days when your hook isn’t glinting in those pesky sun rays. However, the most important thing may be to think like a fish! Your bait needs to look yummy. So if you are fishing for flounders that love lively minnows, you need one that dances along the bottom like Baryshnikov. It helps to give your minnow a slight bounce from time to time as your boat drifts. If your preference is bass who look for tasty bugs and such at the surface, you’ll want to jig your lure tantalizingly across the top of the water.

Then, when you feel that tug on your line, pull it tight and reel that fish in like a pro!

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