Boating in the Wake of the Pandemic

In a world bereft of so much of the fun we used to enjoy without a thought, boaters are viewing the recreational release provided by their boats as quite a bit more these days. Much like the inhabitants of Gilligan’s Island, in the wake of COVID-19 and its deadly variant, we are now viewing our boats as a life raft for survival. 

Signs like the increase in marine assistance activity, busier waterways and full marinas are all evidence of an uptick in boating since the surge of COVID. We now look to boating with even more anticipation; we opt for boating in lieu of vacation and during staycation; we attempt to extend our boating season as much as possible (which thankfully is typically an easy task in Florida); and we have been upgrading to bigger and better boats to fit in even more fun.

Of course boats also allow us to maintain our social distance and forego those pesky masks, but the best part about boating is that, on a boat, we can all enjoy life the way we used to…the way it was meant to be.

If there is anything you need as it relates to boating, such as a new boat, mechanical assistance, cool boat accessories, dock space or boat storage, come to the full-service marina trusted by Central Floridians for decades – Gerry’s Marina in New Smyrna Beach.

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