Boating Tips

Safety first!

The most important tips for boating are safety tips. First of all, since the major cause of drowning is not wearing a life jacket, it is a REALLY good idea to wear one when you are boating. Also, if you are going to spend time around the water, it is best if you know how to swim. Always keep an eye to the sky. Weather can change in a heartbeat and you want to be safely on land if there is any impending danger. It’s also a great idea to take the official Boating Safety Course offered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. You can take it online. Another great safety precaution to take is to take advantage of the U.S. Coast Guard free vessel safety check. They also offer a virtual online safety check. Of course, always use common sense. Stay alert at all times, steer clear of large vessels and those with restricted ability to stop and turn. And be respectful of buoys and other navigational aids. They were placed there to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Proper boat maintenance is also vital!

These are just a few basic maintenance tips…At the start of every season, make sure that everything on your boat is in working order. You wouldn’t want to get stranded for hours with your wife’s annoying cousin! Oh, and don’t forget your trailer bearings. Some people make the mistake of greasing them after they come out of the water. You can, but you absolutely should grease them before you back your trailer into the water. And, if you can, store your boat on a lift. It can be too expensive for some of us, but, it is much better for your boat than leaving it in the water.

And, finally, enjoy!

Keep those lines tight, bon voyage and all that!


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