How Customizing Your Boat Can Set You Apart from the Rest

Boats come in all shapes and sizes. There are pontoons which are great for big parties and family outings, center consoles that are terrific for fishing, go-fasts that – you guessed it – go fast…and so many more. However, once you decide on which type of boat suits you, there are even more things you can do to make your boat unique to you – and, depending on what you decide to do – quite possibly raise its value.

Let’s see…if you like power, you can soup up your boat. If you like looks, you can paint it to reflect your style with something like a cool, ocean blue, or go for a more extreme look with a unique vinyl wrap or decals. You can also customize your boat by naming it…maybe something like “Something Fishy,” “O.Y. Knot” or “Father’s Day”!

If you are into cool gadgets, why not install a WiFi antenna or get a GPS with a fish finder. You could get even get one of those fancy NOAA satellite weather scanners. Hey, if you’ve been good, think Santa. Christmas is coming!

Make your boat more comfortable with indoor outdoor carpet, a cushy captain’s chair, a nice new bench for your guests or a built-in cooler. If you are a fisherman, add a bait station with a cutting board and place to stow your pliers, knife, hooks and set-ups. Install a sun shade to bring that hot sun down a notch. Or let there be light by installing LED lights, colored lights or an anchor light.

When it comes to your boat, the world is your oyster. Do whatever you like to truly make it your own!

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