Different Channel Markers and What They Mean for You

There are boating rules that were designed to keep you, the passengers in your boat and everyone else on the water safe. One of the most important of those rules is to obey channel markers. Channel markers will help you safely navigate the waters on which you boat. 

Here is a helpful list of the different channel markers, what they mean and easy ways to remember each of them…

Ever hear the seafaring phrase “red, right, return”? Remember this one to get safely home because when you are heading toward your home port from the open water, the red channel markers will always appear on your right.

To remain within the channel as the Coast Guard rules intended, remember “red and green, stay in between” because you need to stay in between the red and green channel markers for proper navigation.

Here’s a real important one, “brown, brown, run aground.” Brown channel markers indicate shallow water that should not be traversed in a boat. Brown is also the color of the muddy bottom, which you may find yourself stuck on if you ignore this one! 

The deeper, safer water on which to boat can be found near green and blue channel markers. Phrases like “blue, blue, run on through” and “green, green, nice and clean” may help you remember the meanings of these channels markers.

Stay safe out there and enjoy the ride! 

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