Don’t Forget Your Water

The human body is made up of a bunch of amazing materials, 60% of which is water and 90% of our blood is water, delivering valuable oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Water can regulate body temperature, maintain blood pressure, reduce fatigue and replenish energy, improve cognitive function, help keep airways open, improve the immune system keeping illness at bay, promote optimal digestive system and kidney function, lubricate joints and even cushion the brain and spinal cord. 

Even though you are surrounded by water when you are boating, making sure there is plenty of water for everyone on board can also help keep us alive when we are on a boat. How much water you require often depends on how much you sweat and – as we all know – you can do that quite a bit when you are on a boat. So, you should always keep hydrated while boating.

As savvy boaters know, it is imperative to consider all the “what-ifs” before you even leave the dock. We do things like keep extra fuses and tools onboard in case you need them. Have a way of calling for help – like a VHF radio. Make sure you have something to bail water in case you need that…and make sure you have enough to drink in the unfortunate instance that you become stranded for some reason.

In summation, there are plenty of things that can help assure your safety on a boat, including flares, personal floatation devices, adequate fuel and more, but when you are thinking of boat safety, please also keep water in mind. Drinking water on the boat can save your life!

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