Dos and Don’ts of Boat Buying

When boat shopping, the most important things to consider are how you plan to use your boat and if the layout of a boat – from whether there is a bathroom onboard, to your engine, seating, berth, hull and more – will meet your needs. 

If you do a lot of day trips with the family or large groups of friends, you may be in the market for a pontoon boat, which offers a flat bottom (that is great for shallow water fishing, clamming and crabbing, as well as pulling up on an island), safety rails and plenty of room onboard to stow your stuff and all your peeps!

If you like to keep things relatively close, enjoying your time visiting restaurants along the water, exploring scenic waterways or doing a little fishing, a center-console with a canopy for shade might be just the boat for you!

If you like water skiing or just bee-bopping (quickly) around the waterways, you may want a small speedboat with a big engine; but if getting into a big pile of fish out in the deep sea, you’re going to want a sportfishing vessel.

If possible, learn the history of any pre-owned boat that may have piqued your interest; and before making a purchase, get a professional marine survey and take a sea trial. 

You should also speak to a knowledgeable, reputable boat dealer – like Gerry’s Marina – who can help you find the boat that best suits your needs. Everyone is in the market for a boat from Gerry’s Marina, the full-service marina on New Smyrna’s North Causeway with a great inventory of quality, affordable new and pre-owned boats!

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