Fishing Groups near You: Facebook and Other Online Access

Are you a fisherman who loves to be embroiled in meaningful conversations about the best rigs and where the game fish are running? So where do you find like minds, as well as valuable information related to fishing? Believe it or not, Facebook is an excellent source and there are plenty of other online fishing forums as well!

Right here in Florida, there is the General Fishing Forum, which is billed as “reel” coverage of inshore and offshore fishing, as well as fishing gear. General Freshwater fishing is more of the same, with input specifically focused on local lakes, rivers and canals.

There is the Florida Fishing Forum, which covers all fresh and saltwater fishing in Florida, including everything from discussions, to news, events, tournament information, classifieds, photos and more. The Florida Discussion Board at is local information on Florida lakes, rivers, bays and inshore and offshore. Florida Sportsman is a message board where fresh and saltwater anglers can share photos, ideas, fishing and weather forecasts, as well as ask their fishing questions.

You can access the Fly Fishing Community, which is a great forum for asking your fly fishing questions and sharing fly fishing photos, tricks and tips. The General Paddle Center is for fishing from your kayak, canoe or water bike. Then there is the Kayak Bass Fishing Group and Bass Fishing USA…All of which are on Facebook. 

There are also plenty of online forums specifically for buying and selling fishing items. Heck, there is even the Sportsman’s Kitchen, a place for fishermen to “meet” and cook their catch!

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