Why Florida is the Perfect Place for Scuba Diving

Florida is a beautiful state, full of lush flora and an eclectic mix of fauna. The remarkable gifts of nature you find topside are comparable to the treasures you find beneath the surface of the Florida sea.

With endless miles of shoreline, Florida is the perfect place for scuba diving. And don’t forget that the 120 miles of Florida Keys are home to the United States’ only living coral reef barrier – which is teeming with interesting marine life. You don’t have to go far for good diving in Florida. Scuba diving has become a popular pastime for Florida natives as well as its visitors. And there are hundreds of dive spots and dive shops along the Florida coast.

According to Scuba Diving Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards, Florida has joined the ranks of remarkable dive spots such as Galapagos, Bonaire and the Cayman Islands as one of the best dive destinations. It offers a whimsical mix of engaging creatures, vivid colors and the scenic beauty of rugged reefs, historic wrecks, willowy sea grass and magical gardens of corals and sponges. There are spiny lobsters, toothy barracuda and huge schools of tiny fish that will put any award-winning synchronized swimmers to shame.

So schedule a dive during your Florida vacation. You will leave with memories to last a lifetime. Come on, dive right in! The water is warm!

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