Flush It! Flush It Real Good!

When we hit the dock after an enjoyable day out on the water, we wash our boats without question or delay. So what about your boat motor? Did you know that most outboard manufacturers suggest a freshwater flush for your boat motor every time you run your boat in saltwater? 

It’s true! Without regularly flushing your boat motor, it may become gummed up and slow up the works, even creating a potentially harmful situation within your engine. Saltwater can also be very corrosive, causing erosion and, subsequently, tons of future problems.

By flushing your boat engine, you can help keep your boat operating at optimal levels. Unwanted residue in your boat engine can block the cool water flow and can affect your boat’s performance. Boat motor flushing can help remove residue to keep your cooling passages clear. 

Flushing your boat motor can also eliminate scale accumulation. Even small particles can band together creating larger deposits and blockages, causing your boat’s engine to work harder. So flush your boat engine…flush it real good and keep things running smoothly.

Oh, and if you need any help with flushing your boat motor or any other boating issues, feel free to access the services of Gerry’s Marina. Gerry’s Marina has been meeting Central Florida’s boating needs for over 23 years, and is rated one of the best full-service marinas on the Florida shoreline. Amidst a boatload of other cool things, we have a Yamaha Master Technician on-site and we provide a complete line of boat parts and accessories.

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