Game On!

If you’re interested in game fishing, Florida certainly runs the gamut on fish species and some serious fishing fun… 

Of course, the Florida Atlantic Coast is full of the big boys, like marlin, sailfish, swordfish and tuna. It’s also a mind-blowing mecca for wahoo and king mackerel.

If you like your game fish jumping, both tarpon and dolphinfish (mahi-mahi) put on an exceptional acrobatics show and the dolphin will flaunt an absolutely gorgeous array of colors to boot!

Search for grouper and barracuda while you do some reef fishing. Reefs are an excellent place to find certain species of shark as well, which can turn into a really fun fight. If you’re looking for a tasty treat, when it comes to sharks, you may want to set your sights on bagging a mako.

Change gears and do some flats fishing if you want to try your luck at bonefish or snook.

Florida saltwater is also brimming with amberjack, cobia, porgy and pompano. There are also tons of tilefish, triggerfish, sheepshead, seabass, hogfish, flounder and drum.

And here’s a handy tip: If you want to just give it a try or introduce your kids to game fishing, you can save some money by taking advantage of license-free fishing days, which include the first consecutive Saturday and Sunday in June, the first Saturday in September and (Heard of black Friday? Well there is also free fish Saturday) the Saturday following Thanksgiving.

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