Hard Top vs. Soft Top

Both are good options, but there are several differences in a hard top and a soft top on a boat. Some are
true benefits or detriments and some are solely dependent upon your personal preference. Let’s take a
First, it is important to note that a hard top is hard to top when you boat year-round in an environment
that can be harsh – like Florida. If you take good care of your fiberglass top and you boat 12 months out
of the year, it is definitely going to last you longer than a soft top. In the same conditions, soft canvas
tops might require replacement every few seasons.
If we’re talking about cost, a hard top is going to cost you more. It will also add more weight to your
boat, possibly resulting in heavier handling. Additionally, if your soft top is removable, that may be
something you prefer.
However, hard tops can offer better mounting options you’re your antenna, radar and outriggers. They
can also provide great extra storage options to keep lifejackets and fishing rods up and out of the way.
Plus, holding on to a hard top can make it safer and easier to walk up to the bow.
Of course, the look of the hard top vs. the soft top is totally dependent upon the eye of the beholder.
If hard tops are subpar or installed improperly they can leak or throw off your center of gravity.
Regardless of the type of boat top you choose, quality is of the utmost importance. So if you are
shopping around, consider Gerry’s Marina – trusted by Central Florida boaters for over 23 years.

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