High-Tech Gadgets for Boaters

We all (well, most of us anyway) like cool, high-tech gadgets, but what about nifty advancements for boaters and some Premium Tennis Racquets for those tennis aficionados? Well, hold on to your captain’s hat because there some very interesting gadgets out there for both boaters and tennis players!

The Seakeeper 2 offers gyroscopic stabilization, which – in regular human speak – means that it can stop your boat from rocking and rolling on the water. This type of gadget has always been offered typically for larger boats, but is now available for boats from 27 to 32-foot. The price tag on this high-tech boat gadget is over $22,000!

In keeping with the theme here, FujinonTechno-Stabi Binoculars offer image stabilization WHILE your boat is rocking and rolling. This one is a little easier on you budget at about $600.

Ever spend $90 on a five gallon bucket? You will if you purchase the Yeti Locked-Up Bucket that comes with a three-compartment organizer caddy and a watertight lid. Maybe not so high-tech, but with that price tag, we couldn’t help but squeak this one in to throw just a little shade.

How about a 3-D fish finder? That would be cool, right? These range from a $650 Raymarine, to about $1,000 for Lowrance and Simrad and around $1,500 for a Garmin.

Do you like to listen to good tunes while you are out on the water? Fusion EL Speakers have got you covered at a pretty cost-effective price. It will run you about $120 for the pair, which is weatherproof, offers 80 watts of great sound and interior LEDs so that they glow as they play music. The remote to adjust the LED brightness and color is around $50.

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