Low-tech, Tried and True Boat Gadgets

It’s difficult not to get caught up in the excitement that cool, new boating gadgets can create, but most often it is a low-tech, tried and true gadget that will save you a bunch of grief and heartache on your boating expedition. Here are just a few examples…

Ok, so your phone may be high-tech, but its case isn’t; and in case things get a little wet out there, it’s best to invest in a waterproof, shockproof (because phones can become slippery when wet) phone case to keep your expensive phone safe and dry when you are boating.

Have a nice pair of sunglasses? You may want your next investment to be a strap that will safely secure them around your neck if you take them off. I used to stick one arm of my sunglasses in my collar when I needed to take them off on the boat. It only took one pair overboard to learn that costly lesson!

Want to be able to do everything from open a little-neck, to cut a tangled line while you are out boating? You just need a dependable, sharp, folding, stainless knife. Folding ensures it is compact – definitely a bonus on a boat; and stainless steel should help ensure its longevity.

You will also be surprised how many times a good set of aluminum pliers with a nylon belt pouch for easy accessibility will come in handy on a boat.

At the risk of sounding like my dad, don’t ever forget your flashlight. It should be tough, waterproof, come with a long battery life and a long, wide reach. Back-up batteries are essential as well.

A ship-to-shore radio, waterproof gear bags; a water purification filter bottle; a good, sharp, five-inch bait knife for fisherman; and a boot/shoe dryer for when you disembark from a boating adventure that might very well be a wet one – are all terrific low-tech boating items as well.

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