New or Pre-owned Boats in New Smyrna Beach

Which way are you leaning…new or used boat? There certainly can be well-made arguments for each, but no worries! Gerry’s Marina is THE place to go for both new and pre-owned boats in New Smyrna Beach. Central Florida’s go-to boat dealer for over 23 years, Gerry’s offers a great selection of high quality boats whether you are looking for something factory fresh or top-notch, pre-owned machinery. 

Here’s one thought. Just imagine hitting the throttle to pull off the dock in your own, gorgeous, never- before-owned, glistening in the sun boat. Now there’s a dream come true! There sure is a lot to be said for getting all of the latest and greatest bells and whistles wrapped up in a pristine, hot off the press package.

So what could be better than a great deal on a brand spanking new boat? That’s simple, a pre-owned boat from Gerry’s Marina. Buy a boat from a reputable dealer like Gerry’s and you know you are getting a terrific combination of quality and perks…all at an affordable price. Some people are in the camp that believes it doesn’t make sense to pay more money for something new when you can get a perfectly good used boat through a reputable dealer…a very valid argument for the pre-owned team.

Whatever you decide, Gerry’s Marina has it. Got a budget? Gerry’s Marina can work within those all day long! Got a big options and add-ons wish list? Gerry’s Marina thinks big in that department too!

Voted “Central Florida’s Best Boat Dealer” by Daytona Beach News Journal readers, Gerry’s Marina offers a complete line of new and used boats to fit every lifestyle and budget. Stop in if you want to talk boats. Gerry’s Marina is conveniently located at 179 North Causeway right in New Smyrna Beach.

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