NSB Boasts Best Boating

Can you picture yourself taking a leisurely cruise down the picturesque Intracoastal Waterway on a day where only gentle breezes blow and the sun glistens like magic on the water? Maybe you prefer to get up before the sun and share a thermos of coffee with your bros on the tranquil ride out to your favorite fishing hot spot. No wait, you’re thinking that today is the perfect day to load up the family, the cooler and the excellent moods and ‘tudes and set a course for your favorite beach where you can break out the floats and picnicking is perfect! 

Well, you are in the right place for it, because some of the best boating on the planet is right here in New Smyrna Beach! Surrounded by water on three sides, New Smyrna Beach is a veritable paradise for boaters of all ages and inclinations. If your fondness leans more toward the river, you can choose to fish for trophy bass, practice your fly fishing or just watch the wildlife along the scenic riverbanks. Personally, I am partial to stuffing my face with fresh seafood at my favorite haunts, so restaurant and bar hopping is my idea of a boating day beyond compare!

Whether you are in need of a new, pre-owned or rental boat for your favorite boating pastime, come see the boating specialists at Gerry’s Marina in New Smyrna Beach. These peeps have been spreading their boating know-how like delicious, creamy butter over warm, freshly baked bread to Central Floridians for over 23 years!

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