Seasick? Tips and Tricks!

A following sea…the slow rocking motion of a boat from stern to bow and a surefire way for some of us to lose our lunch. Seasickness can incapacitate you and leave you begging for a quick death, or at the very least, some well-deserved mercy. 

Seasickness is basically a skirmish between your inner ear and the motion of the boat on top of the water…the one where the motion wins. And did you know that people who get queasy on roller coaster rides or experience motion sickness while riding in a car can be more susceptible to becoming seasick?

Here are a few tips to remedy seasickness or at least minimize the symptoms of seasickness:

  • Maintaining your fluid intake can help.
  • Keep busy too. You know what they say about idol minds, and keeping busy can take your mind off of feeling seasick. So go ahead and reel in that fish!
  • Seasickness can also be exacerbated by fumes from diesel and fish guts, so try to avoid both.
  • Don’t venture below deck. Your vision can help you to register a more stable situation while the boat rocks back and forth. You have no visual frame of reference when you are below deck.
  • Over-the-counter medication can help, but it can also make you sleepy. 
  • I’ve also tried those watches that are supposed to keep seasickness at bay; but I think the process of trying to ratchet up the right level of intensity (it sort of vibrates against your wrist at different intensities) and position the watch correctly, helps more than the watch itself. That’s just my opinion. It’s that whole “keeping busy things again,” but hey, any port in a storm!

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