Storm Warning Signs

Just as the phrase, “Red sky at night, fisherman’s delight,” means that when you notice red or pink hues in the evening sky, you can expect good weather the following day; “Red sky in the morning, fisherman take warning,” conversely indicates that if you see those colors in the sky once it is morning, the weather will be inclement for boaters that day.

A good boater will remain aware of their surroundings and take heed of signs that suggest a storm may be approaching. Aside from what a red sky can tell us, there are plenty of other storm warning signs – all of which boaters should be mindful.

Ever hear the phrase, “the calm before the storm”? There’s good reason for that saying as well. The calm before the storm is the weather phenomenon of a quiet stillness that can sometimes occur shortly before a storm hits.

Other weather indications that a storm is on its way include a sudden drop in temperature or winds suddenly changing direction. Boaters should also keep in mind that the strongest storms tend to move from west to east, so if the wind shifts in that direction, you may very well want to set a course for home or nearby shelter. 

Impending storms can also come with darkening skies and cumulus clouds – those big puffy ones; but, believe it or not, animals can also be an excellent storm barometer. Animals can sense a storm coming well before we can and they may behave accordingly. For instance, animals may seem more excitable and birds tend to fly lower as a storm approaches.

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