The History of Legendary Yamaha Engines

It all began in 1955 with the belief that you could use the knowledge from crafting exceptional musical instruments to manufacture remarkable motors…and with that, the founder of Yamaha propelled his business of piano manufacturing (which was the largest in the world) into the engine manufacturing arena.

His marketing strategy was genius. As a complete unknown, he introduced his high performance engine at the largest motorcycle race in Japan, which propelled Yamaha Motor Company into a heated competition with the well-established engine manufacturers of that time.

After Yamaha developed its powerful two-stroke engine, its four-stroke engine and entree into the marine industry came shortly thereafter. Yamaha’s four-stroke outboard motor was developed in 1980 and it launched production of the 232 cc Yamaha engine with 9.9 horsepower in 1984. Horsepower of 25, 40 and 50 soon followed; and by the time it was 1998, Yamaha offered boat motors that were lightweight, fuel efficient, quiet and offered electronic fuel injection, dual overhead cam technology and clean emissions. 

In the year 2000, Yamaha Motor Company led our country in marine product sales and received the Boating Week Innovation Award which is based on originality, technology and performance. Then, in 2002, Yamaha came out with the world’s first personal watercraft four-stroke engine.

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