Three Perks of Buying a Boat from Gerry’s Marina

Ever hear the saying, “Good things come in threes”? Well, it’s true, especially when you’re talking about the three fantastic perks that come along with purchasing a boat from Gerry’s Marina.

  1. The first terrific perk you get to enjoy when you buy your boat at Gerry’s Marina is FREE THREE MONTHS STORAGE for your boat. With this freebie, you also get to choose whether you would like to keep your boat in a slip or on your trailer on our lot of over two acres of secure boat storage.
  2. The second great perk you get when you decide to buy a boat from Gerry’s Marina is THREE MONTHS OF FREE SEA TOW, which provides you with a direct connection to highly professional, extremely experienced boat captains. What this means for you is free boat towing, fuel deliveries, jump starts, disentanglement and ungroundings. It’s fabulous to be able to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are never alone out there, and that very capable help will always be on its way when you need it most.
  3. The third beneficial part of your boat perk trio is that you get to DEMO YOUR BOAT WITH AN EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL before you purchase your boat from Gerry’s Marina. We will spend as long as it takes to show you all of your boat’s features and benefits so that you can enjoy your boat to its fullest.

Gerry’s Marina is dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers and has been meeting Central Florida’s boating needs for more than a quarter century, so making your boat purchasing process a breeze is second nature to us. Come on by. We have a boatload of knowledge and love to talk shop!

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