Tips on Driving a Boat for the First Time

We all have our firsts…like smooching Megan Kelly behind the tree in elementary school, riding that sweet electric blue bike with the banana seat without its training wheels and that sip of decades old single malt. All those firsts (except the scotch…that just sort of works) work better when you have a few good tips. 

Take driving a boat for the first time, for instance. If it is your first time driving a boat, you may experience a little trepidation once those dock lines are tossed, but it’s really not necessary. Just relax and:

  • It may sound silly, but check your drain plug and top off your fuel tank before you leave the dock.
  • To get acclimated, try a short boating expedition first or take the wheel for a bit while you have an experienced boater on board.
  • Be safe and remember the things you learned in your boater safety course, like how to follow channel markers and slowing down in a no wake zone.
  • Slow down for waves or in choppy waters for a more enjoyable, safer ride for everyone onboard.
  • Properly adjusting your trim will also contribute to a nicer ride by getting you up on plane. Each boat can react a little differently where trim is concerned, so just give it a little more or less until you get a feel for it.
  • Then, pay attention and use common sense and it should be smooth sailing!

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