Triple Tube Pontoons

Triple Tube Pontoons : If cruising is your passion, Pontoon Boats generate a smooth ride with ample seating to entertain up to 10 and 15 respectively. With a single pin release canopy, it only takes moments to find shade on the open water on these spacious pontoons.

For the avid fisherman, there are plenty of available fishing options on the 2015. Most of our fish models come standard with fishing seats, rod boxes, and livewells. Fish finders and trolling motors can be added at your discretion and installed at our dealership by our friendly and knowledgeable service department. The pontoon boats provide a very solid, stable, and safe fishing platform.

Style is not sacrificed for price with new rail skin colors, new graphics, and brand new stylish furniture designs in order to create the perfect layout, style and color scheme for every Pontoon Boat owner.

You may face a handling problem if you are considering buying a triple pontoon. Dealers and storage businesses have invested in equipment to handle triple tube pontoons. You may not need a trailer if you pay for winter storage. On less populated lakes you may have difficulties because any lakes have individuals who pull pontoon boats economically but they may not have a trailer that can handle a triple tube pontoon. Every fall Gerry’s Marina sells trailers to customers that didn’t realize they had a handling problem until storage season.

If you purchase a pontoon trailer from a marine dealer he will probably insist that you buy brakes. Most states have a #3000 weight law regarding brakes and marine dealers are reluctant to sell a trailer without brakes when they package it with a boat that they know to weigh over #3000. Even if you’re not going very far there are liability issues. We realize that a percentage of triple tube pontoon trailers will probably not travel very far and that some customers just don’t want to pay for brakes. Like marine dealers, we have liability issues but we will sell a trailer without brakes because we are not involved in packaging it with the boat, technically we don’t know what your boat weighs. However, in the future this whole brake law issue is going to blow up. Law enforcement generally doesn’t pay much attention to trailer brake laws. But, there are a lot of big heavy boats being towed on unsafe trailers. After one bad accident with personal injuries, law enforcement and state license branches will start paying more attention. If you buy a trailer without brakes for a big boat, it may end up being unsalable in the future if more attention is paid to the law.

The point of all this information about triple tube trailers is to illustrate that there are a lot of ways to get it wrong. The real estate salesman working part time at the boat show may not know any more about pontoon trailers than you do. That’s why we’ve provided so much information. We have cataloged the specifications for just about every brand of pontoon boat and update the changes yearly. Give us the year, make and model number and we’ll fit your triple tube pontoon boat perfectly, the first time.

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