What Is Knee Boarding?

We kneel when we ask the love of our life to marry us; we kneel as a sign of reverence if we are religious, and we kneel to tie the shoe of our child. Ah, but lest we not forget one more very fun place we kneel…knee boarding!

Kneeboarding is a water sport in which an individual is towed, most often behind a motorboat, on his or her knees on a buoyant board at planing speed. Kneeboards are wider than surfboards with a rounded nose and rubber padding for the knees. Riding a surf style board on your knees over waves at the beach is also considered kneeboarding.

Kneeboarding is great fun because you can get up to speed quickly, and by that, I mean that kneeboarding has an easier learning curve than other aquatic tow sports, such as water skiing and wakeboarding. And, once you get your bearings, you can do some really cool extreme boarding, like rolls, somersaults, side slides and jumping wakes to get some wicked air!

Kneeboarding was first introduced in the 1950s, but never really caught on then. In the 70s, it started to gain traction. Then in the 80s, up until today, knee boarding gained a strong following. Today, there are even worldwide knee boarding competitions!


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