Why Fuel Stabilizer Is Important

We all like our stuff stable. A stable home life tends to produce good stock; a stable marriage is one with the fortitude to last the duration; and stable footing will help keep all the right things topside.

We boaters also like to protect our equipment, so everything keeps running in optimal condition. One great way to do that is with fuel stabilizer…and although fuel stabilizer may be a bit more important to those boaters who might not be able to get out on the water every week and whose fuel may sit a little longer than they would like, it should be important to every boater.

Things like fuel injectors, carburetors, pumps and lines are all delicate boat components that a bad tankful of gas can easily clog, corrode or otherwise damage. Adding fuel stabilizer can help prevent all of the above, as well as provide much needed lubrication.

Gas can go bad over time and water, light, oxygen and heat are all factors that can speed up the deterioration process. Let’s review, shall we? What was the first element we listed here? Water! And it is pretty hard to avoid water when you’re boating. Fuel stabilizer will work toward eliminating the damage that water can wreak in your boat engine. 

You just want to make sure you add the correct dose of fuel stabilizer before you fuel up and then run your engine for about 15 minutes to get everything well-circulated. For more help, just come to Gerry’s Marina. We’ve got an expert team of boat mechanics in our service department that has been meeting Central Florida’s boating needs for many years, and we’d be more than happy to meet yours!

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