Why Should I Buy a Pontoon Boat

Why Should I Buy a Pontoon Boat?

If you want to know why you should buy a pontoon boat, buckle in and enjoy the ride because listing all the benefits could take a while! Pontoon boats are easy to fish from because there is so much room. You can fish from different locations, stow a ton of gear, and it’s stable – steadier than a traditional fishing boat – so it doesn’t spook the fish. They are great for the whole family. Little kids get bored on traditional boats because they can’t move around enough. On a pontoon boat, there is plenty of room and there are high rails for safety. They are great for older kids too because they hold 10-15 people, so friends can always come along! And because of the flat hull, it’s also so much easier to pull up to great beaches in a pontoon. They are cheaper to repair than traditional fishing boats because there is no gel coat involved, and clean-up after a day on the water is a breeze. And if you live in the New Smyrna Beach area, you are in luck because there are so many places to enjoy a pontoon boat right here!

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Fun Fact:

The pontoon motorboat was invented in 1952 by a farmer who lived in Richmond, Minnesota, “the land of 10,000 lakes.” He longed for a boat with a sturdy deck and more stability on a lake than conventional boats, so he placed a wooden platform on two columns of steel barrels welded together end-to-end…and the first pontoon boat was born. He built a few, and was met with so much unexpected demand that he was later inducted into the Minnesota Marina Hall of Fame!

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