Best Time of Day to Catch the Most Fish in New Smyrna Beach

Here fishy, fishy! If you want to catch fish in New Smyrna Beach, you have to think like a fish in New Smyrna Beach. Here are some tips for the best times to catch the most fish, based on fish rationale…

If you are a river or lake fishing, remember that fish eat bugs, so it only makes sense that they are more active when the bugs are active. Unfortunately, this means that when the air is thick with mosquitoes, the water is thick with fish.

Watch the weather. Overcast days are great because fish get bolder and swim farther from safe structures. Rain is great when it is light rain. During light rain, it is a little harder for the fish to see and insects can be washed into the water, so it is prime fishing time. Hard rain stinks for fishing because it is harder for fish to navigate and hunt, so there is less activity. Fish feeding increases before a cold front hit and slows afterward. Warm fronts warm the surface, so they also increase feeding.

The season is important too. Like all of us, fish show up in greater numbers during certain parts of the year. The Department of Fish and Game regulates how many fish you can catch when and this is based on season, so if you follow the law, you follow the fish.

Remember that goofy “When the Tide is High” song? Well, you can forget it. It’s harder to fish during high and low tide when there is less activity. You want to fish when the tide is rising or falling. These are the times when smaller prey fish get active so – you guessed it – the game fish also get active. Just check the current tide chart for New Smyrna Beach, and you will be good to go!

Now go out there and get ‘em, and keep those lines tight!

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