Discover the Beauty of Owning a Boat

Love to take glide leisurely through the gorgeous Intracoastal with the sun at your back and your friends at your side? Want to get up before the sun rises and race the best fish to your favorite fishing hole? Continually look for wonderful adventures to have as a family?

Imagine pulling your boat up to a beautiful island where you bust out your cooler which is just bursting with mile-high sandwiches and cool drinks. Or take your noshing up a notch and enjoy delicious fresh shellfish at your favorite venue along the edge of the pristine canals of New Smyrna Beach.

If your idea of the perfect day is one on the water, you definitely need a boat! If you have never before owned a boat, it is hard to even comprehend how much owning a boat can positively impact your life. If you have owned a boat, it is hard to imagine life without one.

Bored on a Sunday? No way! Just hop in your boat and cruise or fish until your heart’s content. If you have a boat, you can waterski, go tubing, take a bunch of friends out for a boat party or enjoy a romantic evening on picturesque Florida waters. A boat can help you teach your children about safety on the water, the marine life in our area and help to give them a healthy respect for their environment.

Boats are a staple of the Florida lifestyle. Visit Gerry’s Marina in New Smyrna Beach, and discover the beauty of owning a boat.

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