Boating Hacks and Tips

If you’re a boater, you know that boating comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some innovative boating hacks that may help you enjoy your boat just a little bit more…

Ever have the tip on your caulk dry up and gum up the works? A bit of petroleum jelly in the tip of your leftover caulk cartridge can prevent that from happening and have you caulking to your heart’s content.

Hey baby! When you have to pull cables, coating them with baby powder makes them much easier to pull.

Here’s a great one. Did you know that if you use morning dew to wipe your boat, you will be left with a spot-free finish? Guess the early bird really does get that worm!

Isn’t it a pain when your boat polisher jumps as you polish over a bump? Here’s a solution. Just work the polisher in the opposite direction of its rotation to stop that from happening.

Want your boat to slide off those carpeted trailer bunks easily? Apply liquid dish soap!

Are you a duct tape fan? Who isn’t, right? Well, get ready to be a masking tape fan. Masking tape can help prevent chipping when drilling through fiberglass.

If the harsh sun becomes a problem while you are navigating your boat, you can cut down on the glare by resting a dark towel or t-shirt at the bottom of your windshield, tucking it inside, of course, so it doesn’t sprout wings.

We’ll finish with one for all of those boaters who enjoy cold refreshments. Placing a wet towel under your cooler will stop it from sliding around. Cheers!

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