Gerry’s Marina Boat Trailers – Head and Shoulders Above Where Others Trail Behind

What sets Gerry’s Marina boat trailers apart from the rest? At Gerry’s Marina, choose from Magic Tilt or AmeraTrail Trailers. Enough said, but here’s saying just a little more…

Magic Tilt Trailers

An industry leader and innovator in trailer manufacturing since 1953, Magic Tilt Boat Trailers are family-owned and operated; and excel in the building of aluminum and galvanized steel boat trailers specifically designed with saltwater applications in mind.

Magic Tilt Trailers are safe, reliable custom trailers for over 10,000 boat models. They launch and load more smoothly than stock bunk trailers and Magic Tilt stands behind their solidly built boat trailers with a solid warranty.

AmeraTrail Trailers 

AmeraTrail Boat Trailers offer 36 years of experience in custom options and fit for all boat brands. Built for strength and resiliency in rugged environmental conditions, AmeraTrail Trailers provide quality craftsmanship, heavy aluminum beam construction and powder coating to match your boat.

Founder Scott Lock never strived to be the largest trailer manufacturer, just the best, providing boaters with happy endings – easy loads and a safe journey home.

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