Boating Is Great Fun for All Ages

No matter what your age, boats offer something for everyone. The younger crowd (and a large portion of the older crowd too!) like water skiing and island parties with their friends. Have a need for speed? Boats with a little more kick are fun when you’re younger (and older) too! If you plan on cruising the shimmering waters, I suggest that you get started on

Then, of course, there is the romantic aspect of boating. Yep, boats are great for dates! Pack your cooler with some wine and brie and take your girl out for a romantic sunset cruise. Or better yet, if you prefer a little spontaneity, just hop on and go – visiting your favorite seaside taverns along the way!

Boating is also a terrific pastime for families. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your kids and make memories that will last a lifetime. Try tubing, picnics, geocaching, dolphin watching and simply lounging by your boat on a raft. Boating is fun for the whole family and therapeutic too!

Fishing on your boat is also a great hobby at any age. I have amazing memories of fishing with my dad when I was small. I loved fishing with a group of rowdy friends when I was a bit older. Even now, my husband and I love to get up before the sun and head out to sea to see what bounty the day will bring. Fishing from your boat is also a wonderful way to pass the time as you start to get a little older.

You’re never too old for boating. In fact, when your sun is starting to set in the horizon, it’s enjoyable to watch the beautiful Florida sun setting on the ocean in your boat. If a delicious meal with your main squeeze is your thing, boat on over to your favorite dockside restaurant and tie right up! It’s also lovely to enjoy a leisurely cruise along the gorgeous Intracoastal Waterway and take in all of nature’s scenic beauty and gaze at the magnificent homes along the way.

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