Boats Are Perfect for Social Distancing

Having trouble finding fun things to do while social distancing? Try it on your boat! Social distancing is a whole lot better if you’re doing it on a boat.

So here’s the deal. Take your family out just like you’ve always done. You’re stuck with (I mean, you’re lucky to be with) each other anyway. Why not crank the fun quotient up a notch? As I’m sure you are aware, being on your boat is like being in your house, but ten (or maybe a hundred) times the fun. 

Cruise out to your favorite island and search for shells. Take the kids tubing. Pack a picnic lunch. Laze about in the sun. The world is your oyster on your boat and, these days, just getting out of the house holds a joy all its own.

Don’t forget that some of our old hobbies are excellent for social distancing too. So get out there on that water and do what it is you love to do – some fishing! Get the family together or head out on your own for some…call it quarantine therapy. There’s nothing better than watching the shores come alive as the sun peaks over the horizon and you enjoy your morning brew on your way out to sea. Except maybe bagging a big one!

Heck, you can even meet your boater friends out where you all love it best. Yep, boating can even help you keep your social life alive. We wouldn’t want you to dull those social skills! Give your best buds some coordinates and a time, and you can all spend the day on your own boat, but in the treasured company of friends.

You can do all the things you used to do on your boat and feel good doing it! So make your weekends count. Put that lawnmower back in the garage (shh), fire up that engine and get on the plane!

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