Boats and Motors – Size Matters!

It all comes down to the age old adage, “Size matters,” but, when it comes to boats and motors, does the person with the biggest toys win? Not necessarily. The winner is the one who gets the right size boat and motor for their particular desires.

It’s important to make certain the size of the boat and motor you choose is right for you. There are so many things to consider when making this decision. You want to ask yourself what type and size boat will best navigate the waters you traverse the most. You want to make sure you don’t have too much motor for those waters, but you have enough motor to get you home safely at the speed you prefer to travel. Think about whether you need your boat geared for a trolling motor. You also want to consider how many passengers you want to accommodate.

Pontoon boats are great for accommodating a good number of passengers very safely, and enjoying a leisurely day on the water. Or maybe you prefer more of a sportfisher with a center console and a snappy gitty-up.

Whatever your preference, Gerry’s Marina in New Smyrna Beach can help. Gerry’s, meeting Central Florida’s boating needs for over 23 years, has a complete line of new and pre-owned boats for every lifestyle and every budget. We’d love to help you determine the right boat and motor for you and answer any of your boating questions. Come check out our vast inventory today!

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