Different Types of Water Skiing

Did you know that there are a bunch of different types of water skiing you can, and the New Smyrna Beach (NSB) area is an excellent place to do it because NSB is virtually surrounded by water and NSB residents enjoy perpetual summer?

Traditional water skiing is when a person skims the surface on two skis while holding onto a rope that is attached to a moving motorboat. This type of water skier often uses what they call a combination pair of skis. They are the most common with which to learn and their wider tips give you better control.

Water skiing usually requires smooth water, but more advanced skiers actually enjoy jumping wakes produced by other boats. Jump skis are longer and lighter. They are more difficult to control, but much better equipped to get you some “air”!

Trick water skis are designed for maximum control and maneuverability. They are shorter, wider and have smoother bottoms…better for spinning, flipping and such!

You can also choose to ski on only one ski. That is called slalom skiing, and it is ideal for sharp turns and skiing at a higher rate of speed. Slalom skis are specially designed with two plates to accommodate both your feet.

Then there is barefoot skiing. Yes, you heard right! Barefoot skiing requires a high rate of speed – at least 45 mph. Barefoot skiers often use a tool called a barefoot boom, which is a strong aluminum bar attached to the edge of a powerboat that allows the skier to remain close to his or her spotter/s.

Remember that adult equipment will be too loose and long for kids to control. They will need kids’ water skis, which are basically the same, but with smaller bindings and shorter lengths

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