What Is Tubing with a Boat and How Can the Whole Family Enjoy It?

Tubing behind a motorboat can be a boatload of fun for the entire family, it can add another level of pleasure to your boating experience, and it is very simple. There is no learning curve for riders; there is no fancy technique required; and (ok, now don’t laugh or shout out any names) there isn’t really any coordination required. Just lie across or sit on the surface of your tube, hang on and enjoy the ride!

The tube you choose will determine how many people can ride, how they can ride and what else can be done with the tube…and there are hundreds of tube styles with all sorts of shapes, styles and cool color schemes from which to choose. Of course, you have your basic, ordinary, one-person tube. Then there are two-, three- or four-seater tubs with backrests. They even have several person tubes that actually look like couches. You can get a four-person towable lounge, which is basically a flat, rectangular inflatable with handles on which a bunch of people can lay. There are tubes made with indents for your body so you can sit inside them. They also have a super cool three-, five-, or six-person sea sled that looks like a banana with foot rails. Take it up a notch, and you will be riding a side-by-side banana bus that can haul up to 14 people! There are tubes that look like giant sombreros, flamingos, ducks and more. There are even enormous tubes with cup holders that hold up to eight riders, and when you are not towing, your whole family can hop in to lounge, have a picnic or catch some rays.

As with any water sports, Murphy’s Law applies, so put safety first. Check that your equipment is in good condition before you start; make sure all towed riders are wearing personal floatation devices that fit properly; know your riders’ limitations; and remember that open water means less people and things in your way which translates into a safer, much more fun day of tubing.

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