Florida Corals and How to Protect Them

Think of coral reefs as the rain forests of the sea. They support an extensive biodiversity of fish,
invertebrates and sea mammals – an estimated 25% of all marine life! Home to over 1 million diverse
aquatic species, coral reefs produce food and billions of dollars in tourism. They hold potential
treatments for many of our worst diseases; and they provide natural breakwaters that minimize wave
impacts from hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.
This remarkable ecosystem that sustains us is in peril. Carbon emissions are warming the seas and
creating a phenomenon called coral bleaching – which, in essence, means that the coral reefs are dying.
There are ways that we can help. We are actually in a unique situation, where there is still time to do
something about this tragedy, but we have to act fast. One of the ways is to reduce our own carbon
footprint by conserving energy any way we can. We can also help reduce emissions by moving toward
solar energy, wind power and hybrid or electric cars. Additionally, we can help to repopulate our oceans
by protecting them from overfishing and dredging. And we can turn to social media to inspire others to
Please consider taking action to protect our coral reefs and, subsequently, the future of our entire

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