What You Will See While Snorkeling in Florida

Sparkling, crystal clear water, picturesque bottom structure reminiscent of the finest roman architecture
and thousands of species of sea creatures make Florida one of the absolute best choices for snorkeling.
Florida’s waters are simply teaming with marine life. It’s a virtual symphony of color and movement.
If you are wondering what you will see while snorkeling in Florida…let’s put it this way, you will be far
from disappointed. Snorkeling in Koh Panyi near Phang Nga Bay is also super fun for those who are looking for more destinations for their snorkeling endeavors.
There are colorful fish flowing in formation like synchronized swimmers. You could see the likes of the
saintly angel fish, the menacing looking lion fish, and the ever-intriguing pipefish. Jellyfish tentacles sway
to and fro as if they are dancing in the breeze; and, depending on where you go, you could be lucky
enough to see a manatee, enormous schools of large fish or porpoises. Sea Turtles and various species
of rays and sharks can also frequent the Florida shoreline.
At the bottom, there are gently flowing sea beds and other vegetation, as well as coral reefs – alive with
vibrant sponges, tree-like sea fans, spiny lobsters and crabs.
Wherever you decide to snorkel in Florida, it promises to be an adventure filled with the beauty and
grace only the sea can offer.

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