Grilling on Your Boat

Ok, so what are some of the things you enjoy most? If boating and grilling make your list of preferred pastimes, why not do both at the same time?

Grilling on your boat is legal. In fact, they even make grills specifically for boats that come with brackets for railing mounting. There are a bunch of types to choose from too. Since charcoal can be messy and it can be a little challenging to keep dry, you may want to opt for propane. Propane boat grills are very portable and easy to operate. Electric boat grills are affordable and also convenient, although they may not yield treats that are quite as tasty.

For safety sake, just remember a few things when you get ready to grill on your boat. You want a day free of chop, so your hot grill and food aren’t jostling around. You also want to grill downwind and safely away from Bimini tops and any other boat fabrics. Swing your grill clear of the boat to avoid any deck damage; and, to avoid a dangerous noxious fume situation, don’t store your propane grill in an enclosed area on your boat. 

That all may sound like a lot, but it’s really not; and the end result can be extremely satisfying. So if you are a boat captain who moonlights as a grill master, just imagine enjoying a great day of fishing and being able to grill your fresh catch right on the spot. Not much can top that. Just make sure to check with your local fish and game authorities in case there are any specific regulations in your area. And remember, there’s always a big, fat, juicy ribeye!

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