Taking Care of Your Teak

Teak is a beautiful, durable, versatile material; and whether you are lucky enough to have it on the exterior or the interior of your boat – on areas like your deck, your trim and your ladders – you need to properly maintain it. Don’t be intimidated by the unique nature of teak. Teak maintenance is pretty easy and offers lots of options…

You can wash your teak boat deck with a soft brush and salt or fresh water as often as you would any other deck. Just don’t use any harsh abrasive cleaners or a hard brush that could damage your teak. Using teak cleaner a few times a year is also recommended. Simply go with the grain of your teak and in accordance with the product manufacturer’s directions. 

Some people like to let their teak weather naturally, but you can also preserve that rich teak color and keep your teak from turning grey by applying two coats of teak oil to it every few months. The length of time in between necessary teak oilings will be dependent upon how much use and exposure to the elements your boat receives. Some teak oil is even ultraviolet-resistant to further protect your teak against the sun’s harsh rays – which can be a big boon for certain boat owners. 

If you like a nice sheen, a high gloss varnish is a great way to treat your teak. It’s also best to seal your teak. Sealing your teak provides you with an added layer of protection – which is always great for boats – and can help protect against mildew as well.

Don’t forget your teak ladders. Boat ladders can see lots of action, so an abrasion-resistant coating is recommended. Additionally, teak is a somewhat rough type of wood, so it provides its own, built-in anti-slip safety factor, but it is a good idea to also add your own slip-proof safety coating specifically made for teak.


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