The Latest Boat Accessories Everyone Should Have Aboard Their Vessel

Toys, toys, toys girls and boys…who doesn’t like toys? And let’s take this one great leap forward…who doesn’t love boat toys? There are some great, innovative,
must-have accessories for your boat trip out there – some absolutely no boat should be without!

Safety first…the Marine Safety Life Cell is a buoyant device that stores all essential safety equipment to ensure survival.

And check this out…the new M2 OLED Bilge Meter monitors up to four bilges to ensure bilge is running properly and to alert you to any potential bilge issues.

The Evinrude iDock takes all the guesswork out of operating a boat with automatic trim systems, digital shift and throttle, iSteer and more!

The Glomex WeBBoat 4G Plus is an award-winning SIM integrated system made to surf the internet, ensuring high-speed data connections up to 20 miles offshore!

Who could be without the Marine Max Service Express App that schedules and monitors your boat service?

How about the Mastervolt Charger Master Plus that charges any combination of three batteries at high, replacing auxiliary chargers, battery isolators, and VSR.

The Minn Kota Talon utilizes Bluetooth communication to pair Talon with Hummingbird units for total control on one console.

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