Many Turn to Boating for Their Preferred Activity During Covid

This Covid crisis has turned our lives upside down, but one thing you can count on is that it can’t touch the hours and days of fun we can have while boating. Boating is one activity – often the most preferred one during this debacle – that we can still enjoy in a variety of ways.

Been housebound too long? Need an escape from screaming children and your honey-do list? No problem! Just jump in your boat and go. 

If you have, by chance, managed not to get sick of your current housemates, boating is also a great way to enjoy quality family time and mix things up a little for everyone. You can pack a picnic and eat it while you traverse the Intracoastal and check out all the amazing houses along the waterway. You can plop your kids in a tube and pull them over wakes until their sides split or cozy up to your favorite island and explore. 

Trying to figure out how you can still have fun with your friends? Boating is also a great way to keep social while social distancing. You can meet up with your peeps anywhere, at a distance, and still enjoy the day. Toss in some lines and catch the first fish so you can get in that ribbing you have been missing or meet up with another couple to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.

Here’s another thought. You may choose not to dine in restaurants nowadays, but you can still enjoy a fresh seafood dinner if you have a boat! Go fishing, clamming, crabbing or harvest some oysters or mussels. There’s nothing better than butter slathered all over the catch of the day!

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