You Can Practice Safe Social Distancing While Boating

When you are waterskiing, is there anyone within six feet of you? Nope.  As you glide over wake upon wake in an inner-tube until your face splits into a Cheshire cat-like grin, is there anyone within six feet of you? Nope. When you crank up the engines and get up on a plane, is anyone within six feet of you? Nope. They only wish, hah! Just leave those other silly boat passengers in your wake. They can wave their hands all they want, but they will never touch anything within six feet of you!

Boating is a great way to social distance while having a blast! Meet up with friends on your boats, open the cooler and shoot the breeze. You can have fun just like the old days while you maintain a six-foot distance. Or you can pack some scrumptious sammies and your trusty cornhole game and head out to your favorite island or sandbar for a family picnic beyond compare. 

Now let’s talk date night. Boat lovers know that date night is always…I mean always more romantic on a boat! Come on, you have to admit that hopping into a boat instead of a Honda Civic (no offense to all the pragmatic Civic owners out there) has much more panache. Then there’s the fact that you can pull up to any eatery along the water and enjoy a gorgeous view while sampling the day’s fresh catch. That’s definitely a crowd (of two) pleaser, bruh.

What else? Let’s see. You can take a nice, leisurely cruise down the majestic Intracoastal Waterway, fish all your honey holes and go crabbing or clamming. Whatever you choose, this crappy virus can kiss it while you kick it ‘cause you’ve got a boat!

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