A New Boat for Dad

There is something very special about a dad. Dads are superheroes; they always lead you in the right direction; and they are always there when you need them. That being said, they deserve the best.

If I were to ask my dad to make a wish for the best gift ever, the thing in the world he would want most – besides all that world peace stuff – he would, without a doubt, say a boat. For him, a boat would be the greatest gift of all time.

Boats are excellent stress reducers, and I know my dad loves to cruise along the waterways and let the stress of the day just wash away. He loves just to be out there, with the sun sparkling on the water and the ocean spray. He and mom also like to do what they call lunch hopping. They pick a restaurant along the water and make that their destination for the day. They also stop along the river and take out their inflatable tubes so they can float around and relax. I know back in their younger days, waterskiing was their thing. We always went out with one set of friends or another, and had a terrific time.

My dad doesn’t even fish, so if your dad is a fisherman and you give him a boat, you’ll get even more points! A boat is an even greater gift for a fisherman. When you fish, there is nothing better than catching some rays with your lines in the water while you wait for a bite.

So, if your dad is super hero material like mine, I would suggest that you give him the gift of a lifetime…a boat. Check out Gerry’s Marina. They have a huge inventory of top-of-the-line new and pre-owned boats, and they have been meeting Central Florida’s boating needs for over 30 years, so they really know their stuff!

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