A Perfect Summer Day Fishing on the St. Johns

When I think of the perfect day, my mind conjures up an image of the pristine riverbanks of the St. Johns River. I am in my boat, slowly trolling toward a flawless fishing hole…the edges of submerged vegetation along the edges or any sharp bends or drop-offs. It’s slightly overcast, so that my bait is cast in the best possible light, and the wind is slight – just enough to keep the bugs off and keep me cool, but not too much to move the boat once I stop.

As the boat glides through the glass-like water, great blue herons, osprey and a bald eagle take their turns flying overhead. Pretty much any traditional bait would work here, but I’m armed with swimming plastic worms and fake shallow running minnows – just the right recipe to snag a big ole bass.

At 310 miles long, the St. Johns River is Florida’s longest river and one of the few that flows north. The fishing options here are diverse, and the moving water resulting from seasonal rainfall stimulates feeding. Stretching half the length of this beautiful state, it is one of Florida’s greatest locales for bass fishing. Year after year, the St. Johns coughs up amazing amounts of one to five pounders, not to mention the large numbers of trophy bass netted here.

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